When Larry founded Elkin Engineering & Diagnostics in early 2013, he began with the vision to assemble a team of expert engineers who, like him, put excellence at the top of their list of values. This kind of excellence gets the problem defined, solved and results delivered correctly the first time. This kind of excellence places customer satisfaction as the top priority. This kind of excellence builds confidence and faith and ensures ongoing working relationships. When asked what drives him, Larry tells this story:

When I was a young engineer, I had a mentor who was particularly interested in professionalism and ethics. I recall one day that he said, ‘Larry, I don’t know how you see yourself. You might think that you are really good at field work, or analytical work, or even report writing. But when you realize that your most important job - every day - is to help other people, that is when you will achieve the most success.’ Helping other people has become the most important job that we do. Sometimes that means telling people things don’t make them happy. But, we always seek to provide good, honest engineering advice and solutions to our clients.
— Larry Elkin

This thinking is the foundation of Elkin Engineering & Diagnostics and the corporate philosophy behind each project. The Elkin team uses their experience to develop thoughtful and cost effective solutions for their building-related problems. Often this means looking beyond codified solutions to understand the fundamental sciences that cause conditions to exist. The results are solutions tailored to specific issues and client needs.

It’s because the Elkin Team asks “why” that they are able to find effective and elegant engineering solutions.