Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, 1993.
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, 1991.


Professional Engineer:  Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, & South Carolina. Inactive Registrations: Alabama, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, & Tennessee.
Certified Level II Thermographer

Previous Experience

Applied Building Sciences, Inc., Senior Engineer, 2004 to 2012.
Campbell, Schneider and Associates, LLC, Engineering Associate, 1998 to 2004.
Titan Atlantic Group, Inc., Facilities Engineer, 1997 to 1998.
Law Engineering and Environmental Services, Inc., Facilities Engineer, 1995 to 1997.
Doty Scientific, Inc., Design Engineer, 1993 to 1995.

Principal Areas of Practice

Thermal & Moisture Related Diagnostics
Building Structure and Envelope Analyses
Mechanical Systems Assessments
Corrosion Analysis
Hurricane/Catastrophe Assessments
Facility Condition Assessments


American Institute of Architects South Carolina:  Alliance Award, 2007

Professional Organizations

American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).  Member of Technical Committee 4.4: Building Materials and Envelope Performance. Member and Former Research Subcommittee Chairman of Technical Committee 1.12 Moisture in Buildings.

National Institute of Building Sciences: Building Envelope and Thermal Environment Council (BETEC). Former Board of Directors Member. Chairman of the Heat, Air and Moisture Research Coordinating Committee.

American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA).

Building Enclosure Council-Charleston: Member – past member of the Board of Directors and past Vice Chairman.

American Society of Civil Engineer/Structural Engineering Institute, Member.

National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE International).  Certified Corrosion Technician.  Member STG 46: Corrosion in Building Systems.

Roof Consultants Institute (RCI International).

National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA).

International Code Council.

National Roofing Contractor’s Association.


Taylor, Kyle A., Does My Building Need an Energy Retrofit? AIA/NIBS Eco-Build, Washington, D.C.,  2010
Stamatiades, George. P., Sill Pan Condensation: A Link to Window Sill Decay, ASTM Symposium on Condensation in Wall Assemblies, San Antonio, TX, 2010

Publications & Lectures

Corrosion in Buildings, The Building Enclosure Council – Charleston, Charleston, SC, 2013
Rethinking Gutter Design for Steep-Sloped Roofing, 2012 Symposium on Building Envelope Technology, Roof Consultants Institute, Inc., Phoenix, AZ, 2012
Crawl Space Issues for Mechanical Engineers, ASHRAE-Charleston Chapter Meeting, Charleston, SC, 2012
Crawl Space Exploration, The Building Enclosure Council – Charleston, Charleston, SC, 2010
Air Barrier Fundamentals, The Waterproofing Contractors Association Fall Convention, Myrtle Beach, SC, 2009
Thermal Performance and Infrared Technology, Southeast Regional Weatherization Training Conference, Myrtle Beach, SC, 2008
ASHRAE Guide for Hot and Humid Climates, Project Committee Member, ASHRAE, Atlanta, GA, 2007
What is Green?  Durability as a Criteria for Green Construction, Clemson University, Charleston, SC,  2007
BEC Window Flashing Rodeo Results. Proceedings of the ASTM Symposium: Up Against a Wall, ASTM, Tampa, FL, 2007
Window Flashing Workshop, Performance of Exterior Envelopes of Whole Buildings X International Conference, ASHRAE/DOE, Clearwater, FL. 2007
Using a Heat and Moisture Transfer Simulation to Diagnose Moisture-Related Expansion/Contraction Problems in an Exterior Roof/Wall Assembly. Proceedings of the Performance of Exterior Envelopes of Whole Buildings IX International Conference, ASHRAE/DOE, Atlanta, GA. 2004
Mold Mitigation. Architectural Series Short Course: Trident Technical College, Charleston, SC. 2004 to 2006
Building Code Issues and Underfloor Moisture Problems in Warm, Humid Climates, RCI Interface: Journal of the Roof Consultants Institute, Vol. XXI, No. 10, Roof Consultants Institute, Raleigh, NC, 2003.
Employing the Sealed Floor Technique to Resolve Underfloor Moisture Problems in Warm, Humid Climates, RCI Interface: Journal of the Roof Consultants Institute, Vol. XXI, No. 11., Roof Consultants Institute, Raleigh, NC, 2003
Field Techniques to Diagnose Moisture and Mold Problems, RJMW Hurricane Catastrophe Seminar, April, 2001.
Solving Water Intrusion and Mold Problems in South Carolina, Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC, 2002 to 2005

Post Graduate Courses/Seminars

Roofing Industry Educational Institute, Roofing Technology Course, 36 hours, 1999.
Sto Exterior Plaster Applicator Training, 16 hours, 1996.
Exterior Design Institute, Third Party EIFS Inspector Course, 40 hours, 1999.
BETEC, Air Barriers Seminar, 8 hours, 2001.
ASHRAE/DOE, Performance of Exterior Envelopes of Whole Buildings VIII, 48 hours.
ASHRAE/DOE, Performance of Exterior Envelopes of Whole Buildings IX, 48 hours AIVC/BETEC, Ventilation, Humidity Control and Energy, 16 hours.
DOE/ORNL, WUFI Pro Training, 2002. 20 hours
NBSC/DOE/ORNL, Advanced WUFI Training, 2006, 40 hours
ABAA, Air Barrier University, 2005, 8 hours.
NFPA, NFPA 13 Automatic Sprinkler Systems Seminar, 2005, 14 hours
NFPA, NFPA 20 Stationary Fire Pumps Seminar, 2005, 7 hours
NFPA, NFPA 25 Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems, 2005, 7 hours.
BETEC, Air Barriers III, Air Barrier Solutions for Buildings in North American Climates, 2001, 8 hours.
BETEC, M4 – Mold, Moisture, Misery and Money, 2003, 16 hours
BETEC/CMHC, Rain Penetration Control: Applying Current Knowledge, 2002, 8 hours.
Building Science Corporation, Westford Building Science Symposium, 2008, 24 hours
BEC-Charleston, Moisture Physics Seminar, 2008, 4 hours
RCI, Professional Roof Consulting, 2010, 16 hours
NACE, Basic Corrosion Course, 2011, 40 hours
RCI, Wind Design for Low-Slope Roofs, 2011, 4 hours.
RCI, Roofing Technology I, 2011, 8 hours
ITC, Level I Thermography, 2012, 32 hours
NWFA, Basic Wood Flooring, 2012 32 hours
RCI, 2012 Symposium on Building Envelope Technology, 2012, 16 hours
NWFA, Certified Wood Flooring Inspector, 2013 32 hours.
Residential Roofing and Waterproofing, 2013, 8 hours.
Constructing Residential Structures in Coastal Areas, 2013, 4 hours.
ITC, Level II Thermography, 2014, 32 hours.
Delmhorst BD-10 Moisture Meter factory Training, 2014, 1 hour.
Georgia Institute of Technology, CIVE 3005P Wood Design, 2014, 40 hours.
Norwich University, CE505A Engineering Analytical Methods, 2015, 3 Credits.
International Code Council, Structural Loads: 2012 IBC and ASCE 7-10, 2015, 1hour.
ASCE Structural Engineering Institute, ASCE 7-10 Wind Loads, 2015, 1 hour.
Norwich University, CE506A Engineering Mechanics for Civil Engineers, 2015, 3 Credits.
Norwich University, CE507L Structural Engineering I, 2016, 6 Credits.
ASCE/SEI, Structural Condition Assessments of Existing Buildings, 2016, 16 hours.


Phone: (843) 817-7313
Email: JLElkin@ElkinEng.com

Examples of Previous Studies

Thermal & Moisture Related Diagnostics

Evaluation of residential moisture intrusion and mold growth, numerous locations in FL, GA, NC and SC.
Blower door and thermography directed air sealing of building envelopes, numerous locations NC, SC & GA.
Determination of concrete moisture levels using in situ RH probes and calcium chloride methods, numerous locations, NC & SC.
Wall Condensation, Breakers North Tower, Myrtle Beach, SC.
Air Infiltration and Wall Condensation, Charleston Public Works, Charleston, SC.
Evaluation of moisture intrusion and mold growth at Dialysis Clinics, Inc, James Island, SC.
Crawl space moisture issues, numerous locations GA, NC and SC.
Evaluation of moisture intrusion and mold growth at Piggly Wiggly Corporate Office, North Charleston, SC.
Floor framing failures due to condensation and decay, over 200 locations along the Atlantic Coast.
Wood flooring failures, NC, SC and GA.
Evaluation of residential sooting problems, SC.

Building Envelope Analyses

Residential and Commercial stucco and Fiber Reinforced Plaster evaluations, numerous locations in FL, NC, and SC.
Exterior Brick Veneer Failure, NNPTC, Naval Weapons Station, Goose Creek, SC.
Residential brick veneer failures in NC and SC.
Historic, multiwythe brick moisture intrusion diagnoses and repair design.
Fenestration Damage due to Excessive Thermal Expansion and Contraction, SC and FL.
Cladding Damage due to Excessive Thermal Expansion and Contraction, SC.
Vinyl Siding evaluations, numerous locations, SC, GA and NC.
Fiber cement and cedar siding evaluations, numerous locations NC, SC and GA.
Brick veneer failure, Embassy Suites, Washington, D.C.
Residential and Commercial EIFS evaluations, numerous locations in GA, NC, PA, SC, and TN.
Moisture intrusion through cast-in-place concrete, Caravelle Towers, Myrtle Beach, SC.

Structural Engineering Analyses

Exterior cladding and steel framing rehabilitation, Hampton Inn Charleston, Airport, Charleston, SC
Floor framing deflections due to improper laminated beam installations.
Floor framing deflections due to improper i-joist framing design.
Roof truss installation deficiencies.
Roof, wall and floor framing failures due to decay.
Wind load analysis on cladding and fenestration.
Residential deck and stair framing analysis.

Roofing Failures

Asphalt shingle failures: numerous locations in NC, SC, FL and GA.
EPDM membrane failures: numerous locations in NC, SC, FL and GA.
Smooth and gravel surfaced built-up roof failures: numerous locations in NC, SC and GA.
TPO roofing failures: numerous locations in NC, SC, FL and GA.
Roof Drainage Failures, numerous locations, SC, FL, GA and NC.

Mechanical Systems and Components

Design of HVAC systems for the Department of Energy’s Natural Exposure Testing Facility: Hollywood, SC.
Design of a ventilation system for a subterranean storage facility, Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D.C.
Design of a dehumidification system for St. Johns Greek Orthodox Church, Myrtle Beach, SC.
Compressor and reversing valve failure analysis in heat pump systems: Charleston, SC
Analysis of domestic water valve failures: numerous locations in NC and SC.
Burst pipe analysis: numerous locations NC, TN, and SC.
Failed Boom Truck Bearing Analysis. North Carolina.
HVAC duct installation evaluations: numerous locations, NC and SC.
HVAC condensate drainage system failure:  Shem Creek Inn, Mt. Pleasant, SC
Design of a warehouse heating and ventilation system, Garner, NC.
Thermal comfort study, Gaston County Health Department, Gastonia, NC.

Corrosion Analysis

Brass dezincification failures in residential plumbing.
Chloramine ion attack of polybutylene plumbing systems.
Amphoteric corrosion of aluminum fenestration framing in coastal environments.
Galvanic corrosion failure of hot water distribution systems.
Galvanic corrosion failure of structural fasteners in commercial stucco and steel stud installations.
Steel roof coating failures in coastal environments.
Water heater expansion tanks: Galvanic coupling at nozzle tank interfaces.
Water heater expansion tanks: Anode/Cathode area ratio induced corrosion.
Stress corrosion cracking of stainless steel plumbing components.

Catastrophe Assessments

Evaluation and restoration projects in Mississippi and Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina, 2005
Evaluation of wind damaged structures in Florida after Hurricanes Charley, Francis, Jean and Ivan, 2004.
Inspection of wind and flood related structural, exterior and roof damage to commercial and residential structures after Hurricanes Bertha, Bonnie, Floyd and Fran, 1996 to 1999.
Metal building collapse due to severe thunderstorm and inadequate bracing, Goose Creek, SC.
Standing seam roof failures: numerous locations in IL, NC, SC and GA.
Modified bitumen roof system failures: numerous locations in NC, SC and GA.
Evaluations of flood damage in SC pursuant to 1,000 Year Rain, 2015.

Facility Condition Assessments

Pelican Watch, Seabrook Island, SC
CVS Pharmacies, Greenville, Spartanburg and Columbia, SC.
Southeast Eyecare Centers, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and High Point, NC.
Numerous Apartment complexes in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia.
Ramada Inn – Midlothian Turnpike, Richmond, VA.
Tanger Outlet Shopping Centers, Dalton, GA and Nags, Head, NC
Wachovia Tower, Greenville, SC.
Former Wachovia Building, Fayetteville, NC.
University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC.
USC Upstate, Spartanburg, SC.
South Carolina Emergency Management Division, Winnsboro, SC.
Winthrop University, Rockhill, SC.
Florence/Darlington Technical College, Florence, SC.
Grandview Condominiums, St. Simons Island, GA.


Phone: (843) 817-7313
Email: JLElkin@ElkinEng.com